My name is Jessa Talermo, and I am the owner of Amrita: Handcrafted Beverages and I love to serve delicious beverages! I have been a bartender in Jackson and beyond for over 15 years. With experience behind the finest bars in Denver and college dive bars I have had many different examples of what it means to serve beverages to a wide range of clientele. After studying Nutrition in college (paid for by bartending) and running a very successful Juice/Tonic Bar in Jackson, WY I decided I missed the energy and creativity that bartending allowed, so I went back to standing behind a bar. That's when I realized that my previous bartending experience and natural health background combined with the desire to make the most unique, fresh and delicious beverages possible yielded infinite possibilities in creativity. So, whether it's an Old Fashioned made just the way you like it, fresh juice at a baby shower or a cocktail made with herb and flower infused vodka my team and I can custom design any beverage experience your looking for.